Making a Will

Making A Will | Will It Solicitors

Our aim is to help you preserve your wealth and minimise the impact of taxation.

Siobhan McCloskey, Principal

At Will It Solicitors we help our clients plan for the future through the use of:

Our Expertise

Will It Solicitors have expertise in all aspects of making a will, from drafting a will to advising you on whatever provisions you wish to make in the management of your estate, finance and assets.

If you die without a valid will the distribution of your assets will be made in accordance with the rules of intestacy. These rules may not reflect the way you would have wished your assets to be distributed.

Benefits Of A Will

  • Make your wishes known.
  • Provide for those you choose.
  • Protect your children.
  • Reduce inheritance tax.
  • Protect your estate from being contested.

Making a Will need not be time consuming or costly and we have available for you a simple Will Questionnaire which you can fill in online in order to speed up the process.